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Join this three week hackathon from Jan 8 - Feburary 5th to test the limits of Chain Abstraction! This includes multi-chain decentralized frontends, super cheap data availability, and account aggregation, and zkWASM execution!

🗓️ Schedule

Team building sessions, daily office hours, weekly online workshops, and physical workshops around the world! Subscribe to the Google Calendar

  • Jan 2nd at 12pm ET- Idea Sharing and Team Building Session
  • Jan 4th at 12pm ET - Online Workshop Pt. 1 - “Introduction to Chain Abstraction”
  • Jan 8th at 12pm ET - Hackathon Kick Off & Bounty Announcements
  • Jan 11th at 12pm ET - Online Workshop Pt. 2 - “Building Composable and Decentralized Frontends”
  • Jan 18th at 12pm ET - Online Workshop Pt. 3 - “Data Availability & Account Aggregation
  • Jan 22nd at 6pm ET - IRL NYC Workshop - “Introduction to Chain Abstraction”
  • Jan 18th at 6pm PT - IRL SF Workshop - “Introduction to Chain Abstraction” by Kendall Cole, GM of Proximity Labs
  • Jan 25th at 12pm ET - Online Workshop Pt. 4 - “zkWasm & Multi-chain Execution”
  • Feb 4th at 11:59pm ET - Hackathon Closing Ceremony
  • Feb 12h at 12pm ET - Hackathon Results Announced

November - December

Education + Workshops + NEARCON

Weeks of exciting workshops on Metatransactions, Keypom, Remote Accounts, BOS + more. AA track for hackers at NEARCON. Also check out existing hackathons like Encode Club, and local Hackbox Cohort. 

January 8th - Feb 4th


Prizes announced, Team formation. Office hours, and the hackathon begins! 

Feb 4 -February 10

Judging + Prizes

3 days of judging and prizes will be dished out.

Who is abstracting

Couldn't do it without ❤️

Abstraction Hacks is an experience where all the hard work making this happen has been abstracted from you by organizers, community partners, mentors, and sponsors. 


Is this hackathon digital or IRL?Anyone can submit but will be coordinating IRL activations. Additionally anyone can join, they just need to submit before hackathon deadline.
Will Abstraction Hacks help me find team members to build my idea or help me find a team to joinYes
Where can I receive technical support?There are many channels to receive technical support! Start by checking out Build DAO (nearbuilders.com/tg-builders) and Keypom Builders (nearbuilders.com/tg-keypom)
Is this a NEAR based hackathon?Yes, however, there is a BOS track for building decentralized front ends related to account abstraction. Additionally using remote accounts or even leveraging NEAR's account model, one can build a solution that leverages multichain.
Where can I find more resources?Check out our hacker guide at  abstracting.org/manual
Where can I find the hackathon rules?Check out  abstracting.org/rules